self-love is the BEST love.

ConfidenceBy far, one of my favorite quotes of all time. It’s important to always love yourself for all that you are and all that you are yet to become. Comparing yourself to others often causes you to see flaws in yourself which often do not exist or are minuscule compared to others. Often flaws are highlighted in attempts to take the attention off someone’s personal insecurities or shortcomings and project them on to you! Unfortunately, some people cannot resist the urge to be mean, ugly, and hateful towards others to bring them down to their level –

BUT, here’s the gag . . .

If someone is attempting to bring you down by pointing out your insecurities or flaws they are BENEATH you. Do NOT entertain the common people queen. Do NOT waste your breathe on those that do not matter. People that do not matter are those that add no value you to your life.

Have enough confidence in yourself, your abilities, your appearance, and everything there is about you that no opinion formed against you shall phase you. You know what you bring to the table — matter of fact you’re not only bringing the table you’re bringing: the table cloths, cups, spoons, knives, the meal . . . ALL OF THAT! As, my mother would say, “You’re all that and a bag of chips!”

But (yes, there’s another one) . . .

With all your new found confidence you must figure a way to contain it to an extent. As the quote mentions – confidence does not mean that your better than others (because no one person is better than the next). A humble confidence will show others that you believe in yourself, but you do not feel the need to constantly announce to others how confident you are. Would you ever walk into a room and say, “HEY, GUYS I AM CONFIDENT IN MYSELF AND I WANT ALL OF YOU TO KNOW.” Said no one ever – right? Always remain humble.

So, always remember to love yourself enough to accept all your flaws for what they are, but never belittle others in the process. Let’s uplift and empower each other.

– NuNu

Livin’ Lavish: a mindset before a bank account


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