why I started a blog?

One day last week I had a crazy idea to start a blog. Be in mind, I have no idea the who’s or what’s about a blog let alone what to talk about, but talking isn’t hard for me (figured this would be the easy part). Here’s the crazy part I do not have the time to sit and write anything but assignments. Seriously, I have a busy schedule between the competitive gymnastics season, 15 credit hours worth of classes, homework, and some miserable attempts at balancing a social life I barely have time to squeeze eating and sleeping in. So why start a blog?

But, then it dawned on me that I do have several times, throughout the week, set aside where I give myself me time. Me time is pretty explanatory in itself, but I’ll take some time to explain what I mean when I say it’s me time.

I do not want to be bothered by any person or thing.

I never noticed until I got to college how important it is to take the time to take a step back and just focus on you. My me time includes going to restaurants alone, taking long walks just to clear my mind, locking the door to my room (because people just love to pop up and visit randomly. You know that lay down and get real comfortable type of thing.), long hot bubble baths with candles, and driving with no real destination in mind (only do this when I have money because gas ain’t cheap!).

I’m pretty sure you got the idea! Anytime I feel myself getting stressed, worked up, or overly anxious about anything when the time is right (occasionally wrong) I will drop everything and pick one of those activities. I can’t even lie this is just another form of my terrible ways to procrastinate. But, aye at least I’m on my computer and will eventually click over to Blackboard? Yes! See this is smart procrastination =)

In actuality, Livin’ Lavish was thoroughly thought out, written, and designed while I was devoting time to me time. I figured I could better be spending my alone time thinking out all the thoughts that keep me up at night. You know rather than sitting constantly refreshing my timeline on Twitter, pinning about my future wedding ideas, or looking at an out of order Instagram feed. Although those are my favorite social sites I wanted to be able to do more with my time that could potentially help others.

Maybe there’s some of you out there like me who need to find an outlet from the hustle and bustle of day to day life. If so, find what works for you and go for it. You got my full support!


Livin’ Lavish: a mindset before a bank account

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