let’s talk money $

moneyDinero. Euros. Yen. Peso. Pound. Dinar. Dollar.

You know the stuff that makes the world go ’round, right? Whatever you want to call it I can’t seem to save it.

Between my compulsive spending on lattes, 7 for $28 splurges (they snuck the prices up on us but it’s cool.), and my actual bills – my bank account never looks good! (Honestly, can you call it a bank account if there’s no money in it?)

I am not sure why this is because my sister is the complete opposite. I think she is physically incapable of spending her own money; however, she’ll gladly spend yours. See, my problem is I will spend my money, your money, virtual money and figure all the rest of the details later. Eventually later finally comes and I’m just sitting here confused on how I managed to go through money like it was water with crusty, dusty bunnies in my pockets. (Like how sis?)

So, one of my new year goals (not a resolution. who sticks to those?) was to save money because I read somewhere that it’s highly recommended you have at least two to three months of living expenses saved up. Not days. Not weeks. But months (yes! that’s with an ‘s’ meaning more than one)

Well . . . if we were to check my accounts I think I have enough to grab maybe 4 – 4 for $4 after all bills, groceries, gases, etc are paid . It’s safe to say I need to tighten up because there’s a certain lifestyle I want that does NOT consist of checking my accounts before making a purchase! And, I figured I needed to start working on it sooner rather than later. Therefore, I’ve been searching since January to find an app or bank account that I could start setting aside money each week or month to begin building this “savings”.

Unfortunately, most banks want at least $100 or more dollars to open a savings account and remember I’m on a Wendy’s 4 for $4 budget so that’s a big NO for me. My next option was to check out apps that could link my debit cards together and work some magic. I was looking for something that was automatic, easy, and would virtually set itself up. Upon my long sleepless nights I stumbled across – Acorns.

What I’ve learned about the company in the last three weeks is: it’s exactly what I was looking for! It automatically takes $5 a week from my checking account while simultaneously keeping track of all of my round-ups (this is the change left over between every transaction – if you spend $1.50 then $0.50 will be added to your Acorn app). I know $5 a week is not much, but it is something. There’s been a week or two where I take the time to make a one-time investment, for a larger sum of money, to help my account grow faster.

Oh – I forgot mention this app also invest your money into stocks and bonds to create what I like to call: long money. Long money is money that grows on its own and will help my future self, husband, children, grandchildren, and so forth. Now I will be honest I know very little about this side of Acorn. Hopefully, I can learn more about investments, stocks, and bonds so I can share my new found knowledge with ya’ll!

A recap: I mainly use the Acorn app as an automatic savings account that I will not touch (unless there’s an emergency of course). My ultimate goal is to have two to three months of my living expenses stashed away because how can I live lavishly if I have no back up plan? 

As I struggle along this journey to resist the urge to compulsively spend I would ask that you would join me, too? Please! It has been proven that people work better in pairs. Here’s my invitation to win together and grow those savings accounts (just click on the word invitation and we both get $5 if you sign up).

Here’s some wise words from my Ma, “Always, always have your own money and your own bank account!”

Let me know if you have any money saving tips or ideas. I would love to hear them!


Livin’ Lavish: a mindset before a bank account

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