NRVHave you ever wondered why your rear view mirror was smaller than your front windshield? It’s because although what’s going on behind you is important and pivotal to your next move it is minuet in comparison as to what’s going on in front of you.

Rasheda Brannon, a junior Integrated Studies Major at Kent State University, applied this ideological to her life after long semesters of battling with depression. She overcame her private struggles by pulling on the strength of love, support, and reassurance from family and friends. And, through this process grew the idea of NRV better known as NoRearView.

“What is NoRearView?” Ms. Brannon stated:

NoRearView is a movement created to inspire all people to never look back unless however, you are taking a swift glimpse to see how far you have come. As we have grown to know that life will happen, life will be life no matter what. No matter our good deeds no matter our bad deeds we will run into a depression, a dark spot, a place where we don’t want to go any further. However, we all have had our come back moment where we were happy and full of life. It’s all a part of life’s journey therefore we shall never let our circumstances define us and focus on the future, what’s in store versus what could have been.

“What is the mission of NRV” Ms. Brannon stated:

My mission for NoRearView is to serve others wholeheartedly within my means. Through NRV I am always yearning to provide honesty and confidentiality as I understand how life can play tricks and make us feel alone. I am constantly working on self in order to be a great leader to all who crave deep intellectual conversation about life and its experiences. My mission is to reach millions of individuals of all phases, to break them down through tough love in order to help rebuild towards being the finest versions of themselves. Plus, to help them see life through a different lens as it is important to embrace the next level to their journey. Furthermore, it is my utmost goal to allow people to feel comfortable in their skin and with their story as I am one of you! Learning and growing just as everyone else.  

“What’s the goals for NRV?” Ms. Brannon stated:

My main goal that I pray every night for is for NoRearView to grow bigger than I ever imagined it to be and to influence people that I once thought I would never meet or touch. Not only do I plan for it to grow bigger than ever, I also plan to partake in lots of community service and volunteering events. I plan to grow my clothing line globally, reaching people in other countries who understand the beauty of strength hope and determination. I plan to have a store front for NoRearView where people can go and shop for NRV apparel with employees who feel free and confident in showing shoppers that it’s never too late to reverse and gain their life back.

“What are some projects you currently have working?” Ms. Brannon explains:

Currently I am revising my whole movement/brand due to personal issues such as depression and stress which caused me to take a step back in order to present NoRearView as I envision and to be able to touch people in my purest form, from the heart. However, I am feeling back above the waters and practicing my own concept of No Looking Back. I am game planning to be able to release new projects events and apparel so in due time, NoRearView will be alive again!!!

The best way to contact Ms. Brannon is via call (614-209-2358), email (, or Instagram (@_norearview).

Hopefully, through Ms. Brannon’s open and honest answers about her company, the mission, and goals of NoRearView you’ll find your niché! Remember Livin’ Lavish is a mindset before a bank account. You have to be in the right frame of mind in order to see your dreams come into fruition. Seek help if you need help don’t be ashamed!


Livin’ Lavish: a mindset before a bank account

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