It’s 6 am and I’m drinking my grande vanilla latte with an unhealthy amount of sugar patiently awaiting the sunrise. It’s safe to say I’m up earlier than normal because of the nice weather. But, as I sit here I want to take the time and talk about the importance of friendships in college.

I value my friendships to the highest degree and render the people I’ve chosen as my selected brother and sisters. I’ve always been the friend to go above and beyond without expecting anything in return. However, this kind-hearted spirit occasionally back fires or causes me a level of grief and regret (can anyone else relate?)

I’m the girl that has more guy friends than girl friends. It’s just girl as a whole spend too much time pointing out each other’s flaws, shorting comings, or personal business on a public platform. Often little disagreements lead to an unnecessary amount of pettiness, back stabbing, or starting of rumors and quite frankly who has the time to deal with that?

I’ll keep it a stack some guys are just as bad as females so don’t think you’re safe just because your circle encompasses all guys.

Although, there’s plenty of negatives associated with hanging with large groups of females or males there are plenty of positives! I wholeheartedly believe you NEED people in your corner during college. College isn’t what TV shows or movies portray it to be. It’s not all parties and playing beer pong. It’s long sleepless nights of cramming because of excess workloads or procrastination. On top of balancing your school work add in athletics, extracurriculars, or a social life – you will need someone to turn to. I can promise you that!

Now, who you turn to is the most important because everyone does not have your best interest at heart (shocking right?). Unfortunately, I’ve fallen for the mirage more than once, but life’s a teacher and I’ve learned my lesson.

So, let’s get to the meat of the matter – who do you keep in your circle? Glad you asked! Let’s go:

1. Associates – these are what my dad considers to be people you’re cool with or “rock with” that you see on the regular but are not comfortable enough to define them as a friend. These are the people you may sit next to in class regularly, share study guides with, or do homework with. They’re also people you may stop and talk to and have a cordial conversation here or there. (You do not share your personal business with these people no matter what they share with you.)

2. the Nerdy Friend everyone needs this friend. This is the friend that cares about grades a great deal (almost too much). She/he is the friend that never misses class, never misses an assignment, or an extra credit opportunity. Whenever you call they’re studying, studying for their studying, or preparing to study (like seriously it’s insane but whatever works for you – right?) (You need this friend because their habits will rub off on you (eventually), and they’ll remind you why you’re here. Why you came to college? To get a degree!)

3. the Party Friend everyone needs this friend, too. This is the friend that wants to go to all the theme nights throughout the week for instance Ladies’ Nights on Tuesday, Thirsty Thursday, and Friday – Sunday just because it’s the weekend (honestly, I’m still trying to recover from last week. Can we chill this week?) She/he is the friend always looking for a good time on or off campus. They’re typically at all the social events socializing their life away and living it up. They have bad procrastination habits because “oh it’s not due until . . .” (You need this friend to remind you that despite all that’s going on there’s always time to have a good time. Sometimes they’re truly a breathe of fresh air!)

4. the Keep It Real Friend – you will need a friend like this in your corner. This is the friend that’s cut throat, blunt, and frank. They’ll tell you how they feel without remorse or care for your feelings. They believe tough love is the best love and rather you hate them for the truth than love them for a lie. She/he will tell it like it is and continue living as if they didn’t just break your heart and turn your world upside down. (You need this friend to keep you grounded. Their raw honesty causes you to self reflect and appreciate what they said. The conversations with this friend can become very emotional due to transparency.)

5. the Wild Friend – I love having this type of friend. She/he is the one that you will always say “might as well” (they take Y.O.L.O to a new level! Do you hear me?!). They live by the motto “Poor life choices make for fun memories!” They are often very convincing when it comes to trying new things or going new places. (You need this friend to remind you that you’re young, and it’s ok to not have life all figured out. Live a little and figure it out as you go!)

6. the Homebody Friend – this friend never wants to leave the house. never. They just want to chill, cook, and kick it. She/he usually has a boyfriend/girlfriend or pet that they love dearly (or whatever). You never see them on campus except to go to class, maybe. They’re the friend you get overly excited about when they decide to come out with group! (You need this friend because they’ll remind you that you don’t have to be at every function or event. And, that it’s ok to kick up your feet and relax.)

Although, I listed five types of friends does not mean I have five best friends. Excluding my sister, I have three or four friends that fall into all of these categories. My friendships have been built on love, honesty, and trust. Regardless, if we agree or disagree on everything we do our very best to respect each other’s opinions and feelings. We believe in holding each other accountable for our actions (if you’re wrong your just wrong), and if need be we address all issues behind closed doors.

My friends are my family, and I believe that’s how it should be. You shouldn’t have to face life alone because no one person has all the answers. People work best in teams or in some sort of partnership that’s just the way life works.

So in order to live lavish assemble your team and grow together. You’ll go further than you know!


Livin’ Lavish: a mindset before a bank account

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