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I’ve been asked a million and one times, “Nuriya, why is your skin so clear?” or “What products do you use?” Well I’ll be honest with you I just go with the flow (Above I posted pictures that I felt my skin was the most poppin’). I have no set routine (at least not one I stick to) or daily regime. However, I do have some rules I’ve set for myself as well as my signature products.

So, let’s start with my rules:

  1. I do NOT touch my face. – I have no reason to touch it unless there’s skin product or a hot rag in my hand. I have no interest in clogging my pores or spreading unnecessary germs to my face (especially in the summer because I work out all day with chalk, children, and sweat . . . EWWW!).
  2. I do NOT allow others to touch my face. – First, of all you shouldn’t be that close to me. Second, you should not feel compelled to touch someone else face. Personal space is important to me
  3. If I have to touch my face for any reason I use the back of my hand. – Why the back? When I was maybe 11 or 12 years old I always got in trouble for touching the window with my hand. The comment that always followed was, “Use the back of your hand so there’s no fingerprints.” So, I figured if I left fingerprints on glass then I would live fingerprints on my skin which would cause acne. (Does that make sense or am I too far left field?)
  4. I allow my skin to tell me what it needs not what I think it needs. – Being an athlete for so many years I’ve learned to let my body do the talking. Why would I treat my face any different? If it’s looking oily, feeling dry, peeling, having a break out, etc. I use the products that will fix the problem not what I “typically” do.
  5. Wash your face before and after ______. I do my absolute best to wash my face before and after every workout because who wants dried sweat and dirt just sitting on their face? I wash my face first thing in the morning because my face is all in my pillow throughout the night and it’s the last thing before I go to sleep.

Now that I’ve shared my rules. I’ll reveal my top secret skin care products:

  1. Hot Water. This can be found in a water bottle, your refrigerator, or coming from the tap. Just make sure it’s hot. (Good for opening those pores.)
  2. Noxemia Classic Clean . This can be found virtually anywhere. I swear by this product! I use it year round. In the summer, I use it as a deep face cleaner. In the winter, I use it as a face moisturizer.
  3. Sea Breeze Sensitive Skin . Can be found virtually anywhere. Ya’ll I swear by this product, too! I use this three out of the four seasons (it’s a little too drying on my skin in the winter.) It’s great at removing both surface level and deep layer dirt.
  4. Simple Truth: Pure Castile Soap (Tea Tree/Eucalyptus) . I’ve only found this specific brand at Kroger, but other brands can be found at Walmart, Target, etc. Castile soap is my new found obsession. It leaves my skin feeling squeaky clean (literally). I use this mainly as a body wash, but will use on my face if I just want a gentle cleaning on my face.
  5. Witch Hazel . I rarely use Witch Hazel. I’m big on smells of products and this one makes me frown a little bit. It doesn’t stink it just smells like anesthesia to me which makes my stomach turn a little. But, it acts as a milder version of Sea Breeze. However, it does get the job done.
  6. Aloe Vera Gel . Love. Love. Love. Aloe Vera Gel! It’s heaven in a bottle. It’s a natural moisturizer that doesn’t clog your pores and leaves you with a natural glow. Whenever my skin feels dry I add aloe vera. Oh, my skin just got washed? Add some aloe vera. Oh, I want a little glow? Add some aloe vera !
  7. Palmer Cocoa Butter . I grew up on cocoa butter in the jar. The one in the jar and the one in the bottle is two different cocoa butters (let’s argue . . .haha). I NEVER put Cocoa butter on in the summer it’s too hot in Memphis for that; however, in the winter I’ll gladly go through three or four jars.

Now that you have read the rules and seen my list of must haves I guess you would want to know my not so skin care “skin care” routine? Right? Here’s what my ideal week would look like:


Wash face with hot water before and after every workout (No moisturizer applied if another workout is planned). Before shower, apply Noxemia wait until it dries wash off in shower. Apply aloe vera or cocoa butter (depending on the season or skin needs).


Wash face with hot water before and after every workout (No moisturizer applied if another workout is planned). After shower, wipe face with cleansing sponge soaked with Seabreeze until all dirt is removed. Then wash face with hot water and apply aloe vera gel.


 Wash face with hot water before and after every workout (No moisturizer applied if another workout is planned). In the shower, wash face with castile soap. NO moisturizer needed

I’ve managed to do this maybe two or three weeks in a row and then began to fail miserably every month. I would only wash my face and forget to use seabreeze or noxemia, but the most important thing was my face was getting washed daily!

Remember livin’ lavish is a mindset before a bank account. Therefore, you have to look and feel your best in order to have the confidence to pursue your dreams!

– NuNu

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