goals for senior year.

senior year.pngIt’s that time of year again! The car is packed, tank is full, and navigator has been set. It’s time to make this Memphis to Kent journey for one of the last times. I can’t believe I’m a senior in college. It was like yesterday I was walking my parents down the stairs of Koonce Hall and giving them that last hug. I remember my father looking me in the eyes and saying these last words:

“Nuriya, these will be the fastest four years of your life. Watch what I tell you. I love you and enjoy your time.”

As I sit here and think on my goals for my final year of undergrad I can honestly say it was the fastest four years in my life. Honestly, where has the time gone? There’s moments I wish I could relive and moments I wish I could throw away; but, without the good and the bad of my undergraduate days I wouldn’t be who I am today.

Therefore, with all of my freshman, sophomore, and junior year experiences in mind I’ll share my goals for my senior year. They’re listed one through ten; however they are in no particular order because all important in one way or another:

  1. Increase my GPA – If you read my freshman year you would know I finished with a 3.4 overall GPA. I have some untold stories about sophomore and junior year that will give insight to why increasing my GPA is important in my final year. When I feel like being more vulnerable and open about certain situations and people I’ll share (I promise!). For now, just know it needs some work !
  2. Improve my Time Management – I am a terrible procrastinator. It gets me every single time! I promise myself every day, week, and year that I won’t do it again and guess what I do?  P R O C R A S T I N A T E. I need to break this habit before I step toe into the real world. Wouldn’t you agree?
  3. Improve my spending habits – I know this is a reoccuring theme. I have a problem and the first step is acknowledgement. Here’s the problem I continuously face – I am more than capable of saving money; however, when their is something I want dollar signs do not matter. They don’t matter because when I die I can’t take the money with me  (this has unfortunately become a money spending motto). Some how and some way I have to break this habit and when I figure it out I’ll let you know!
  4. Apply myself more – I’m naturally gifted in more ways than one and I often take this God-given ability for-granted. I pick up on school work, jobs/task, other miscellaneous things quickly; therefore, I catch myself half-doing things. Don’t get me wrong I’m a true perfectionist but I never put 100% because I never had to. And, it’s time to quit the act and truly apply myself to see what I can really offer to not only myself but my community and maybe the world.
  5. Improve my communication skills – I’m very confident when I speak and no one can take that away from me. However, I’ve known for a long time that this level of confidence can often come off in a negative tone or demeanor, which is never intentional. So, improving on my approach is a top priority. With that, I must also begin working on how I communicate with others when I’m upset or feel that my voice is not being heard. Rather than talk it out or speak on the issue at a later time, I’m guilty of ignoring the issue/person, going to sleep to avoid the problem, or poping off which is never good for either person involved.
  6. Mentally prepare for “adult” life – I am truly blessed to have parents that have the means and heart to ensure that both my sister and I are taken care of. My parents are a true blessing and safety net for both my sister and I to fall back on, and I would not trade them for the world. However, my parents have raised us both to be able to fend for ourselves if life so happens to have it’s way. Although, I have always been as mentally prepared as one can be I have not prepared all aspects of my mental for adult life such as paying my owns bills, gas, car, insurance, cell phone, mortgage, car note, etc. I want to be financially stable enough to at least every 6mons-1yr to slow start taking on more and more responsibility from my parents. (now if they want to continue to be providers I’m not stopping them . . . as long as I offer right?)
  7. Figure out what I want to be in this world – I was dead set on being an Anesthesiologist until I took Organic Chemistry 1 + Lab twice and could not obtain the C. College has a funny way of revealing our true calling in life and I realized a doctor wasn’t one . . . at least not right now. So, I’ll graduate with a degree in Public Health with a concentration in Clinical Trials Research. Unfortunately, I do not feel I’ll use the degree because I’m not called to do that. I feel I’m called to interact and inspire others in some way, shape, or form. Currently, I have aspirations to attend the University of Memphis – Lowenburg College of Nursing, in fall 2019, I’ll be able to interact with patients on the daily and spread joy to those that need it most.
  8. Finish my gymnastics career – I have been a gymnast for the last 15 years. This was a journey started by a little girl with big hopes and dreams back in August 2003. I’ve looked adversity in the face more than once and took the challenge head on. Adversity thought it had me in March 3013 but it lost; and tried again in July 2015 and lost again. I came too far and fought too hard to not see this through.
  9. Maintain healthy relationships – I’m the queen of holding on to people, things, and situations that should not be held on to. I’m often caught between fighting for who and what I want and if it’s really meant to be it will be. Hence, the goal for senior year, is to let those that want to go – go, and those that want to stay – stay. For those that cannot decide I’ll decide for them and let them go. I’m honestly at a point in life where I have to do what’s best for me. What’s going to set me, my family and future family up for success. I refuse to cut my blessings short because I do not want to cut ties with someone because “I care” or “I love them”. If you’re hindering my progress you have to go. We’re too old to be focused on haters, he/she say, and what he or she is not doing. I want nothing but what’s best for me, my family, friends, and my dog (can’t forget about my baby girl Khali Ma)
  10. Continue to grow/evolve as a person – Every year of college has revealed a different part of myself that I never knew existed. For years, I thought I was some cold-heartless person that could only empathize but never sympathize, but college showed me otherwise. Freshman year taught me I could survive on my own/fend for myself. Sophomore year taught me my heart is bigger than my body and when I love I love hard. There is no holding back! Junior year taught me that loving unconditionally does not mean you love without boundaries. You must have boundaries in place to protect yourself. Love those that love you and love those that hate you (kill em’ with kindness).

I’m truly blessed to have made it this far in both college and life. I look forward to any and all trials and tribulations ahead because they are setting me up for the blessings God has in store.


Livin’ Lavish: a mindset before a bank account

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